Athena in Germany

Athena on display at Oberammergau Museum (2nd floor)----
shows two pictures of restored Athena in Golden Hall in Ausburg

Close-up photo of Athena torso in Golden Hall, Ausburg--

Sign (see below) explaining two Athena photos above

Same (5 feet tall) Athena torso (as in photos above) on display at Oberammergau museum

Below a scene from Passion Play 2010--Oberammergau--

Narration from this scene states "by that serpent the people were saved."
(This refers to Num. 21.8 in which the Lord told Moses to make a serpent of bronze and erect it as a standard, also
Wis. 16:6 in which Divine Wisdom states the people were given a symbol of salvation- the bronze serpent)
Ties to Jesus in John 3:14--"This Son of Man must be lifted up as the serpent
was lifted up by Moses in the wilderness."

From antiquity the Serpent has been a symbol for Wisdom (Gen. 3:1 and Matt. 10:16).
Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom.

Below is from Oberammergau Passion Playbook page 46--the "VOICE OF THE LORD"
singing this passage is FEMININE ! The Biblical text behind this scene is Divine Wisdom
in Wis.10:17--"she guided them on a marvellous journey and became a covering for them by day
and a blaze of stars by night. She brought them over the Red Sea----"
Thus Divine Wisdom (Voice of the Lord) in the Passion Play sings out in a clear female voice.

Click below for pictures of Athena in Austria---

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